Wellbeing In The Workplace

With the average worker taking only 20-minutes of their lunch break and a huge 12.5 million working days lost a year from stress-induced absence, the need for workplace wellness has never been more important. In answer to this worrying statistic, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel has announced the launch of its new wellbeing in the workplace initiative.

Highlighting the significance of physical and mental health in the workplace, the new initiative will see The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel offering wellbeing pop-up spas to local businesses. Here, the expert therapists will go directly into the heart of the business and illustrate the importance of remembering to take time out in a busy working environment.

With an aim to improve overall wellbeing, the visiting therapists from the award-winning spa will provide a choice of treatments that are bespoke to the client’s needs. Designed for workers across all industries, the pop-up will give them a chance to truly relax and ‘reclaim’ their lunch break. The menu of mini treatments has been chosen to provide an immediate improvement in staff productivity and mood. Treatments include an Indian Head Massage to reduce tension in pressure points, a Hand and Arm Massage to relax computer finger and hand aches and Mini-Foot Treatments for those that are on their feet.

By introducing this service to the local corporate companies, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel aim to transform the mind-set of busy professionals, changing the idea of a mindful treatment from simply a luxury to a necessity that is essential to help them perform at the top of their game. Research shows that taking time away from the desk to experience a treatment sparks creative ideas, helps problem solving, boosts the immune system, induces quality sleep and reduces overall stress; all of which are imperative to a healthy and productive work life.

On the launch of the initiative, Spa Manager Rebecca Randall says; “We are excited to be taking our expertise out of the spa and into the workplaces in our local community. We are all guilty of occasionally putting our work as the top priority in our lives, so we feel it is important that we are reminding busy workers to put their health and wellbeing first”.

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