Wellness for cancer…

This week I am posting about something very close to my heart – working with Wellness for Cancer and ESPA’s Nurture & Support programme to develop a collection of four nurturing face and body rituals that we can offer to those who have cancer or are recovering from cancer. I read that about 80 to 90 per cent of Spas are still turning people affected by cancer away, so I wanted to make sure we at Bedford Lodge were not part of that statistic.

Looking after guests undergoing treatment for cancer or post-treatment has not always been easy, but we really believe in offering an inclusive treatment menu and supporting those who have been affected by cancer. Our guests come to us for TLC and to relax and unwind at a time of need, so it is important to cater to the specific requirements of each guest. The bespoke offering at Bedford Lodge Spa includes a Be Nurtured Facial, Be Nurtured Massage and Be Nurtured Back, Face & Scalp Massage so that we can to help relax, nurture and support guests at a time when they need it the most.

It was really important to me that we made sure our therapists completed the further training with the world leading provider of cancer therapy training; ‘Wellness for Cancer’. There is often a complex array of stressors that cancer can trigger, so we now have seven fully qualified therapists and we were able to extend our treatment offering to support more people during this difficult time.

To give you a bit of background, the ‘Wellness for Cancer’ charity is a non-profit educational foundation that has been supporting spas and salons for over six years to enable therapists to help their clients reduce stress, find inner peace and increase their emotional resiliency, no matter what they are going through. Using safe and specialist techniques, the in-depth training our therapists went through is underpinned by an assessment by both ‘Wellness for Cancer’ and the ESPA Training Academy.

The Be Nurtured Facial, Be Nurtured Massage and Be Nurtured Back, Face & Scalp Massage all have an emphasis on holistic wellbeing to reduce stress and promote inner calm. Each treatment begins with an initial consultation, then our guests are guided through breath work and visualisations techniques to steady breathing, create a sense of peace and induce relaxation. Crystals are also used throughout and positioned on the relevant chakras to balance the mind.

I am delighted that the Wellness for Cancer and the ESPA Nurture & Support programme has enabled us to ensure that our treatments are safe and relaxing for ALL of our clients. If you have any questions at all, please do give us a call at the spa and we will do our best to help!


Rebecca x