Ten things you didn’t know about massage

Massage is one of the most popular treatments on the menu here at The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel. We are all aware that massage can work wonders on the body and transform your sense of wellbeing. In fact, the advantages are so vast that no matter who our guests are, they are always guaranteed to emerge from the treatment room feeling and looking like a brand new person. It is believed that massage can work better than any painkiller, eliminate stress and boost your mood but what about the other lesser-known facts about massage?
1. Human touch is incredibly beneficial to not only our physical health but our mental wellbeing. There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin – no wonder massage has such a profound effect.

2. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the bodies ‘happy’ hormone which also acts as a natural pain killer.

3. Indulging in a 60-minute massage has similar if not exactly the same benefits on the body as 8 hours of sleep.

4. There are a recorded 75 types of massage to be enjoyed – you can find out the massage treatments that we offer on our treatment menu.

5. Specialised lymphatic drainage massage can improve the lymph flow in the body, helping to relieve flu-like symptoms and aches and pains.

6. The practice of massage can be traced back to the Egyptians, where tomb paintings depict regular massage as a form of medical care.

7. Lomi Lomi an incredible type of massage that originates from Hawaii. The treatment and massage technique is designed to mimic the movements of the waves and the hula hula dance.

8. Massage therapy was notoriously hailed as the practice that healed Julius Caesar from his epilepsy.

9. A massage treatment is about far more than the therapist simply using their hands to make clients feel better. Massage therapists are able to discuss health issues and goals for a suitable regular massage programme.

10. Massage can improve tissue elasticity which will greatly improve flexibility in the joints, this is why athletes have regular massages during season.