Why Self-Help Books are my Secret to Wellness

On hearing the term ‘self-help books’ many of us can have a knee-jerk reaction to stop listening and insist that ‘we’re fine’. I’ll admit, I used to have the same reaction and would have easily been offended if a friend suggested it might be time I invest in one.

However in recent years as wellbeing, healing and good old self-love has finally taken a firm priority in our lives, many of us are now less afraid to reach for the self-help shelf. Whichever way the books get to your door, I’m glad more of us are opening up to the fact that they can be an incredible source of help and inspiration.

Whether you’re building yourself back up from a painful break up, trying to overcome grief and loss, battling mental health issues or just feeling a little lost; having a supportive and helpful book to read can be just what you need to head in the right direction – upwards.

In honour of giving self-help books the praise they deserve, I have put together a list of some of my favourites:

  • The Wisdom of Sunday’s – When it comes to trusting the author of self-help books, Oprah Winfrey’s not a bad place to start. This spiritual book reflects upon meaningful and life-changing conversations and encounters that she has experienced over the years. Full of inspiring anecdotes, it is the perfect Sunday read.
  • Why We Sleep – World renowned neuro scientist and sleep expert, Matthew Walker’s international best seller, Why We Sleep will be popular with those who look more to science than spirituality. Presenting cold, hard facts about why sleep is so vital to our physical and mental health; Matthew argues that a healthy amount of sleep can even ward off diseases including cancer.

This book is perfect for anyone who is not as comfortable trying alternative exercise or healing therapies and would rather learn more about and focus on a trusted formula to getting a good night’s sleep.

  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne’s empowering novel highlights why focusing your energy on what you want in life and the laws of attraction are so important in creating a future you’ll be happy with. This is a great read for anyone in need of some motivation.
  • Happy – Fearne Cotton’s colourful book simply titled ‘Happy’ focuses on finding joy and happiness in everyday life and how to let go of the stress and minutia that can often get us down. This book is great for those of us who struggle to let go and want to learn how to maintain a clearer, happier mind-set.
  • The Body Book – A favourite of mine, Cameron Diaz’s first book is all about teaching us what’s healthy for our bodies. Focusing on nutrition, health and fitness, this feel good book is an enjoyable read that teaches all you need to know about how to live and achieve a fun, healthy lifestyle.

I hope one of these books might appeal to you. Self-help books are a great way to encourage, motivate and learn a little bit more about ourselves. Be sure to compliment your new positive mental attitude with exercise, meditation and relaxation, which are proven to refresh, revive and uplift the body and mind.


Rebecca X