My five-step morning routine

Today we’re speaking about the almost mythical wellbeing ‘morning routine’ and how to perfect it. Now, while I am always grateful for a new day as I wake up in the morning, I am also one of the first to admit that waking up in the mornings (especially during winter) isn’t always easy! But, after years of perfecting my own morning routine, and finding what works for me, I’m able to share my top five morning secrets with you…

Step one: No phone for at least 30 minutes

I know it’s tempting to check your emails or do a quick scroll of Instagram, but I really try to avoid using my phone once I wake up – for at least 30 minutes, if not longer. This way, I have no distractions or outside stimulation impacting me and I can just really be with my mind and body for a short period. We’ll all likely spend a lot of the rest of our day on it, so what’s 30 minutes of digital detoxing? Invest in a proper alarm clock rather than using your phone!

Step two: Dry body brushing

Helping to open up the pores to release any toxins or built up stress in the body, this amazing practice not only promotes physical health and improved circulation, but also allows the mind to calm and be quiet. Dry body brushing has long been used to activate the lymphatic drainage pathways, reduce muscle tension, and energise the body for the remainder of the day. Pro tip – use two brushes and you’ll get the job done in half the time!

Step three: Meditation or breathwork

This step is key and if I can only do one of my five steps for whatever reason, this is always the one I choose. Meditation is a great way to start a new day and for me, it really sets me up to feeling focused and calm throughout. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply find somewhere comfortable to sit, where you won’t be interrupted, and just focus on some deep inhales for around five minutes.

 Step four: Read or journal

I usually switch up this step based on how I’m feeling (which side of the bed I have woken up  on that day!), but usually I spend at least 10 minutes reading or journaling. If I feel like reading, I’ll just sit up staying cosy in bed and read a couple of chapters or for journaling, I usually jot down whatever came up during my meditation. Any thoughts or to-do’s that I want to get out of my head and onto paper. This is a great way of clearing my mind that little bit further!

 Step five: Make your bed and tidy your space

This one is non-negotiable. Making my bed and giving my space a quick tidy almost always makes me feel instantly better, and your future self will thank you when you arrive home to an organised space. As I make my bed, I like to feel into some gratitude, just some of my favourite things, people, or places that make me feel glad to be alive – a great way to focus on the good in life.

Will you be following any of these steps? What’s your go-to morning routine? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

Kate x