Beat with January blues with sauna and steam

Happy new year to everyone!

January can be such a cold and dark month (and particularly rainy this year!) so it is always great to start on a positive note, to get you through the first 31 days. ‘Wellbeing’ is very much still the hot topic for 2023 and I am sure many of you will have made New Year’s Resolutions around taking time to take care of yourself. While it can be tempting to start googling the newest and wildest therapies and treatments out there, did you know that a simple sauna and steam has a huge number of benefits? The Spa at Bedford Lodge has award-winning thermal experiences, including a fabulous steam room and sauna.

Benefits of visiting the steam room:

There never feels like a better time than January to step into the steam room! It has been proven that it will help reduce stress, raise your metabolism and help to improve your complexion. The heat from the steam causes the blood vessels in the skin to expand, meaning an increase in blood flow and circulation around the body; this will help alleviate any aches and pains. A steam will also work to hydrate dry winter skin, as well as enhancing the development of collagen and giving a really good cleanse on the skin!

Most importantly for winter, the steam room can help ease the symptoms of a cold and also help boost your immune system. By raising the body’s temperature above normal, it will help the body sweat out impurities, hopefully helping you avoid any winter bugs. The steam will also improve coughing and relieve inflammation and congestion in the chest.

Benefits of visiting the sauna:

Saunas are well known for their anxiety relieving properties, as the heat releases endorphins. Saunas are seen as important stress relief in Finland, which is often cited as the happiest country in the world! Did you know that 99% of the population of Finland take a sauna at least once a week? As well as being the happiest nation, Finn’s also have one of the highest life expectancies and a two decade-long study published in 2015 stated that regular saunas contribute to this

On top of the stress relief, one of the biggest benefit of a sauna is the detox it gives the body –  the most natural way to remove impurities! Saunas also work to improve circulation; improving both the complexion and also helping to relieve body pains. The heat from the sauna also works to improving your natural immunity, so vital during cold and flu season.

So melt away those winter blues and book yourself into our Spa and enjoy the benefits of our steam and sauna rooms as well as our other wellness facilities during your stay.


Until next time,

Kate x