The Soothing Benefits of Lavender

The epitome of relaxation, the soothing scent of Lavender is used by many as an anxiety reliever. Helping to restore tranquillity and comfort, the distinctive scent of luxury is packed full of powerful health benefits. Available in many forms, users can achieve their lavender dose through oils, pillow sprays, herbal tea and delicately scented sachets.

If you’re feeling generally anxious, particularly due to the current health pandemic, lavender could have amazing benefits and leave you feeling more tranquil. Thought of as a soothing aroma, lavender interacts with the neutrotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity. This is why when we’re exposed to the floral scent, it reduces feelings of agitation, aggression and restlessness.

Several studies have shown lavender can improve sleep quality, even for those who suffer from insomnia. As one of the most popular aromatherapy choices, lavender oils can work wonders to help individuals achieve the perfect nights sleep.

Here at The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, we’re surrounded by gorgeous lavender blooms making it a haven of luxury for lavender inspired treatments.

My favourite treatment is the Lavender Floatation which mimics the feeling of effortlessly floating in water. Pre-floatation, a nourishing wrap combined with healing lavender essential oils is applied to the skin to gently soothe and de-dress. We then invite guests to gently drift into a state of tranquility by simulating complete zero-gravity. Allowing the body to experience complete weightlessness, the mind and body are together in deep relaxation.

Another favourite is the Lavender Poultice Massage. This gorgeous two-hour treatment gives a calming and relaxing effect through exfoliation and warm herbal poultices. Our trained therapists will guide guests through a re balancing massage before applying a soothing compress infused with lavender. Guests will feel completely at ease afterwards!

If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety at the moment, try and incorporate lavender into your lifestyle. Whether this is a pillow spray or lavender oils, there are fantastic benefits to discover. Alternatively, we’d love to welcome you to the Spa for a relaxing treatment with one of our amazing therapists, book today on our website –

Until next time…


Rebecca x