How to Master Mindfulness This March

Mindfulness hasn’t just been the buzzword of recent months; the term has dominated the topic of wellness for the last few years. With this century set to be the time of ‘mindful movement’, it is no surprise that mastering the technique of reconnecting the mind and body is on everyone’s list.

The art of mindfulness requires you to step out of your normal routine to reboot the mind, reconnect with your inner calm and rekindle a healthy connection with yourself. It celebrates the notion of staying present in our lives, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours with mindful awareness and compassion to improve our overall sense of wellbeing.

Today, taking some time out of our busy 21st-century lives is a healthy necessity. However, with a hectic schedule, life can get in the way and it can be easier said than done to completely unwind and bring balance back into your life. That’s why this month at The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel we are dedicating March to mindfulness. We’re encouraging our guests to hit pause and be present in the moment. Our Mindful March treatment has been created with relaxation at its core through massage and meditation techniques. This 50-minute treatment incorporates guided visualisation and breathing along with a tranquil ESPA mini facial and scalp massage – heavenly!

Aside from our Mindful March treatment, you can master mindfulness in other ways too:

At home: get some Headspace:

Headspace is a free app with a mission to make the practice of mindfulness accessible. Merging technology with health and wellness, the app is an innovative way to incorporate mindfulness into your routine, especially if you find that you are ‘on the go’ often. I even use headspace on the train – just be careful not to miss your stop!

The app encourages you to ‘take 10’ and plays podcasts that are 10 minutes long to help you relax, empty your mind and get in touch with yourself. The playlist choices guide you through the practice of mindfulness by helping you to control your breathing and focus on different parts of the body from head to toe. If you are new to mindfulness, the programme is easy to follow and will soon become a must-have element in your routine!

In the gym: regular Yoga Practise:

At Bedford Lodge, we run regular yoga classes which are available to members as well as non-members. Suitable for all experience, from beginner ‘yogis’ to more advanced ‘yogis’, we are passionate that our classes are accessible to all and we encourage our guests to revel in its benefits!

Yoga has been proven to calm our nervous system and with regular practice, it can even improve our immune and heart health. A tense body means a tense mind, and yoga classes, through its sequences and flows allows the body to stretch and physically relax. Relaxing the muscles through yoga and stretching actually reduces the production of adrenaline – resulting in a calm and tranquil mindset.

Will you be joining us in our March mission to mindfulness?