How to make a lavender poultice at home!

I’m often asked what the most popular spa treatment is at Bedford Lodge, and my answer is always the same – the Lavender Poultice Massage treatment. For two blissful hours, warm herbal poultices are massaged across the body, giving heat to the muscles and joints for complete calm and total body relaxation. Following which, a purifying and re-balancing massage is then given.

In today’s hectic world, mind and body relaxation has never been so important. To help you relax and create your own at home spa experience, I am for the first time, revealing my secret weapon of just how to do this – by making your own spa poultices at home!

Poultices have been used for centuries to treat ailments and are the ideal ‘healing-at-home’ remedy. There are many different types of poultices that can be created, the most popular and traditional being the cabbage poultice. Used for inflammations and swellings, simply iron out a few cabbage leaves, warm them up and then break them down. Calendula and yarrow is another popular combination perfect for treating minor wounds and skin rashes, but my favourite? Lavender!

Unlike a compress which uses liquid, a poultice itself only uses whole plant material that is mashed together to make a paste. One of the benefits of creating a poultice is that the chance of creating mess is much more unlikely than that of creating a compress!

  1. With your muslin cloth at the ready, snip or crush a small handful of your selected herbs into a dish. Your poultice will need to be fist size, so ensure you have a good handful of herbs – we recommend lavender.
  2. Pour three – four table spoons of hot water over the ingredients and using a pestle and mortal, mash into a paste.
  3. Allow the paste cool for 15 minutes and then place the pulp in the centre of your muslin cloth.
  4. Bring the corners of the cloth up to create a ball and tie at the base with string or a hair bobble to secure the ingredients.
  5. You can then apply to sore and aching muscles or you can use these in the bath as a natural relaxant!

Relax, unwind and enjoy your spa-at-home!


Rebecca xx