ESPA At The Spa

The next generation of ESPA…

ESPA are guided by a holistic philosophy, caring for your whole wellbeing. The founding aim is as relevant today as it always has been: for you to have naturally beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm.

“ESPA’s new packaging is so elegant and (thank goodness) what’s inside hasn’t changed.” – Journalist, Emma Hill

You’ll see in our Spa Shop that the products have a new look and have updated and improved their packaging. Rest assured the much-loved formulas haven’t changed at all and are still the natural Tri-Active™ formulations that our customers and ESPA Experts trust every day.

Make sure you pop into the Spa Shop and see the new brand. The products are stunning and make a wonderful gift (or a gift for yourself!)

Here’s a few of the bestsellers….

Optimal Skin ProSerum

Providing intense nourishment for radiant skin, Optimal Skin ProSerum is formulated with 99% natural ingredients to leave the complexion with an enviable post facial dewiness.

Overnight Hydration Therapy

A nourishing treatment mask for deeply hydrated, luminous skin, Overnight Hydration Therapy is a 99% natural cream-gel mask designed to transform tired, dehydrated complexions into radiantly rejuvenated skin by morning.

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

An intensive treatment mask to condition and nourish hair and scalp, Pink Hair and Scalp Mud helps to strengthen and boost hair growth while leaving hair beautifully healthy, glossy and manageable.