Organic September: top treatment picks

A month-long campaign founded and run by The Soil Association, Organic September raises awareness of organic food and farming, the benefits of organic agriculture and shouts about the top sustainable lifestyle swaps to shop. No longer just a thing across food and farming, organic can be just as important in the beauty industry, and it’s a key talking point now for many skin, body, and hair care products, as well as into our spa treatments here at The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel!

Below are my favourite Organic picks;

Lavender Poultice Massage (£192 for two hours)

Thanks to the nearby fields, we are able to harness’ the natural relaxing power of organic lavender. With its nostalgic scent, its soothing qualities have been passed through generations, it boasts de-stressing and comforting properties perfect for those who need some calm in their life. As one of our signature treatments, the Lavender Poultice Massage is designed to have a totally soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul. Featuring gentle exfoliation and warm herbal poultices, heat is applied to the muscles and joints to increase blood flow and circulation. Followed by a purifying and rebalancing massage where warm lavender is applied to the body. Two blissful hours of ‘me-time’ without any disturbances. The dream!

Aromatherapy Massage (from £101 for 60 minutes)

Using a blend of individual chosen and handpicked organically sourced oils, this treatment begins with a personal consultation to ensure any specific needs are met. Detoxing, destressing and deeply muscle relaxing, target areas include the back, legs, arms, abdomen, and neck/shoulders.

Salt & Oil Scrub Exfoliator (from £52 for 40 minutes)

Exceptionally softening on the skin, this luxurious body scrub combines gentle yet effective exfoliation with pure sea salt and organic essential oils, to leave skin feeling nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a standalone treatment, for an extra treat, I like to add on in preparation for a deeper massage, for even better results.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments.

Until next time,

Kate x