October Hero’s: Breast Cancer Awareness & Menopause Month

With World Menopause Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month both falling across October, this month is not only the perfect time to appreciate the women in our lives who are going through challenges  – we’d also like to take the opportunity to raise awareness on both of these medical concerns, and how best we can support women along their journey.

Here at the Spa, we pride ourselves on delivering a memorable, relaxing, and refreshing journey of the mind, body, and soul for each and every guest who comes through our door. So, to ensure inclusivity in every sense of the term, we have carefully picked out a few of our favourite treatments to enjoy across October, which each support those going through the menopause and perimenopause, or those who have been touched by cancer.


As an ancient healing art that works in a different way to rebalance energy, Reflexology can relieve stress and improve general wellbeing – all while creating a sense of deep relaxation. As a complementary holistic therapy, it can be used to treat menopause symptoms, leaving clients much more energised and balanced after a session. Specific areas on the feet and hands, known as reflex points, are known to be, in effect, a map of the body. And by applying directed pressure on these areas, tension and blockages can be broken down and free flow of energy to the whole body is promoted. The part of the body connected to the reflex point is also cleared, allowing the body to heal itself. With Reflexology, the whole person is being treated, energy continually flows throughout our bodies on all levels, physically, mentally, and spiritually. By clearing tension and blockages the body finds its own natural balance on each of these levels.

Be Nurtured Massage:

Having recognised the need to be inclusive and support people during or post-cancer treatment, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel has proudly completed training with ‘Wellness for Cancer’, a world-leading provider of cancer therapy training. With three cancer safe treatments available, the Be Nurtured Massage (60 minutes for £90) is a calming experience which gives both the mind and body just what is needs, while concentrating on gently soothing tense muscles, quietening the mind, and boosting the spirit. As a personalised massage, the body will be left feeling restored and the skin nourished, thanks for the gentle yet deeply nourishing oils.

Be Nurtured Facial:

A rebalancing and deeply nourishing facial, this treatment combines an advance skin assessment with an expertly tailored facial massage. Using a bespoke selection of natural skincare, the mind and body will be feeling ultimately replenished.

Mid-Week Meno-Pause Package:

Complete with everything needed to soothe menopause symptoms, this Spa Day package begins with a relaxing foot soak using mineral-rich, aromatic bath salts that boost resilience, to help the cooling down of tired feet and legs. Meanwhile, expertly trained therapists will explain the 75-minute, bespoke ESPA personalised treatment and discussing individual health concerns. Whether that be purifying an unbalanced skin or working deep into the muscles to relieve tension. Following the treatments, guests are then shown through to the relaxation room where they can enjoy a cup of ESPA herbal tea to finish the therapeutic journey. Inclusive of this package is an ESPA bath and body oil to take home, worth £34. Guests can choose between: Detoxifying to clarify and uplift, Energising to revitalise and awaken the senses or Resistance to revive and boost defences.

To book any of these experiences for yourself or someone else you know that can benefit from a cancer or menopause suitable treatment, visit our website https://www.bedfordlodgehotelspa.co.uk/

Until next time,

Kate x