The Anti-Ageing Series: A Foodie Focus

Welcome back to our Anti-Ageing series where I’ll be suggesting lifestyle changes, small additions and easy techniques to help you not only look but feel your very best, whatever your age.   

We’ve spoken about looking after our skin through regular spa treatments, but have you thought about how the food you are eating can impact your health too?

At The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, it is important to us that our food not only tantalises the taste buds but also provides sound nutrition for the body. It has been proven that our diet has a direct correlation to keeping our complexion bright and our bodies running like the well-oiled machine it should be. Therefore, our Spa Lounge menu is packed full of fresh, local produce that is antioxidant rich to keep you fuller for longer and feeling good. A healthy outlook on your diet shouldn’t just stop at the spa though, let us inspire you, through our menu, to continue nourishing the body at home and beyond with these tips and examples.

A popular choice on our Spa Lounge menu is our Mediterranean Platter. With a gorgeous selection of favourites such as stuffed green olives, whole grain bread and pickled cauliflower, the dish not only tastes amazing but provides the body with the right fuel. The Mediterranean diet, which is rich in vegetables, proteins and healthy fats have long been recognised as the healthiest for your brain and body. Its fantastic benefits range from weight loss, stronger cardiovascular health and even a longer life. Our Mediterranean neighbours are the perfect people to take diet inspiration from for our health – it tastes delicious too!

At The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, we’re also keen on making healthy swaps that don’t compromise on taste. To avoid processed carbohydrates such as white bread, you can easily swap this out for fibre-rich grains like whole-grain or walnut bread, both of which are included in our Platters. Fibre-rich grains have several fantastic benefits including anti-ageing, lower blood sugar and better heart health.

A new, but fruity addition to our menu in the spa is our selection of smoothies and detox drinks. Filled with delicious fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, spinach and pineapples, these drinks are a powerhouse of antioxidants designed by our chef to provide optimum nutrition and taste.

Alongside the delightful taste of the smoothies, the ingredients also offer great anti-ageing benefits for guests. Blueberries are a fantastic age-defying antioxidant and rich in vitamins A and C, helping to protect skin from damage due to the sun, stress and pollution and prevent collagen loss. Another power ingredient is Spinach, super hydrating and packed with antioxidants, this helps to replenish the entire body. For those looking to lose a few years in their appearance, spinach can help keep the skin firm and smooth whilst the vitamin A included promotes strong, shiny hair!

If the skin is your main concern, pineapples are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, this cleanses the skin, reduces wrinkles and can also help treat acne. For a true anti-ageing smoothie, guests can indulge in a smoothie which incorporates pineapple, spinach and green algae all in one!

If you enjoy a glass of wine here and there, don’t worry – scientific research has recently confirmed multiple health benefits of red wine! Also known to reduce bad cholesterol and even increase life-span, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel has a variety of wines to choose from, all complementing the deliciously healthy food choices of course!


Rebecca x