Sensitive or Sensitised skin?

We have a lot of clients come to visit us here at The Spa desperately seeking advice for their sensitive skin, but the big question is; do we really know the difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin? In fact, there is a fundamental difference between the two and not being aware can do more harm than good to your poor skin.

Sensitive Skin:
Quite simply – you are born with Sensitive Skin. People with sensitive skin have genetically less pigment in their skin and a thinner epidermis, which causes them to have less of a protective barrier for their skin. It flares up at the slightest irritation and you have to be wary of every product or ingredient you put on your skin. Unfortunately for some of us, we have always had sensitive skin and will continue to have it for the rest of our lives.

Sensitised Skin:
Sensitised skin is considered to be acquired. This can be caused by using the wrong products for your skin type, over-cleansing, over-exfoliating, all which can end up stripping away your precious lipid barrier that shields your skin from environmental aggressors. When your skin barrier is compromised you are prone to redness, dryness, itchiness, dullness, dehydration and increased breakouts as a result. A strong skin barrier will be much more effective at doing its job and you will find yourself with hydrated, plump, glowing, even-toned and healthy looking skin.

So how do you strengthen and maintain your skin barrier? I have put together the perfect skincare regime for you all, using our very own ESPA repairing and nourishing products to get you on your way to that baby soft, healthy skin we all crave!

Nourishing Cleansing Balm is so gentle, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Skin-softening Beeswax transforms with water into a rich cleansing cream, Rose Geranium gently calms and Rose Damascena helps tone and firm to leave skin feeling cleansed, comforted and beautifully supple.

Repair and Restore Serum will help to soothe and restore moisture. It contains Betaglucan complex & Wheatgerm to help protect against environmental aggressors, Inca Inchi Oil to restore moisture balance and Canola & Wild Indigo to boost skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Repair and Restore Moisturiser will offer a boost of hydration while helping to provide protection from environmental pollution. Golden Seaweed, high purity Beta-Glucan and Rosehip Oil soothe and calm the complexion, while Velvet Horn Seaweed deeply hydrates to soften and restore balance to the skin.

Optimal Skin ProDefence SPF 15 is rule #1 in any skincare routine and highly underrated. Did you know 80% of physical ageing comes from sun damage throughout our lives? Using a UV sun protector with SPF 15 as your last step in a regime creates an ultra-light skin shield and helps provide protection from environmental damage. Golden Seaweed, Knotgrass and Chicory Root Extracts help provide protection from environmental exposure and hydrates skin, restoring its natural strength.

All of these ESPA products and more can be found in our beautiful Spa Shop, we understand choosing a new skincare routine is daunting so our highly trained beauty therapists will be on hand to assist you with any questions or doubts you might have.

We hope to see you soon!