My Skin is so… Oily

Welcome to my new skincare series which offers advice and product recommendations based on your skin type! From Dry, Sensitive to Oily – I’ll be covering all problem areas to help bring you naturally beautiful and healthy skin.

For the first of this series, I’ve focussed on Oily skin.  Why is it that some people’s skin is oil and more prone to blackheads and breakouts? Well, it mainly due to genetics, however, your skin also produces more oil at certain times, such as during your period or when you are stressed or simply because you are using products which don’t suit your skin type.

Oily skin occurs when your skin produces too much sebum (the waxy substance that protects and hydrates the skin) and can lead to clogged pores and occasionally acne. If this reflects your skin, I can recommend the Advanced Enzyme Facial, a highly effective natural facial peel to dramatically smooth and soften skin. The brush cleanses, followed by an intense Enzyme Peel deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, helping to unclog those unsightly pores and leave skin with a smooth and glowing complexion.

Alternatively, you could try one of our advanced treatments such as the Epionce Corrective Skin Peel which is formulated to improve the appearance and texture of the skin by increasing cell turnover. This treatment is fantastic for congested, acne-prone skin along with dull skin and those with hyperpigmentation and unlike some peels, requires minimal downtime.

For at home use our British spa product line, ESPA has some wonderful skin-saving products to try.  The ESPA Balancing Duo is perfect for oily, combination and congested skin types, and includes both a Balancing Foam Cleanser and a 24-Hour Balancing Moisturiser

The naturally foaming face wash deeply cleanses, balances natural oils and gently removes make-up without drying the skin. With ingredients including gentle Coconut, Organic Mandarin, Olive Oil and Sugarbeet, this will leave skin feeling soft and supple. Following this, the oil-balancing moisturiser will help to hydrate and clarify the skin. White Thyme will help balance whilst Lavender and Chamomile soothes the skin.

For long-term solutions to oily skin, simple changes to your lifestyle can completely transform it. Make sure you cleanse your skin every morning and night, it is even recommended to have a double cleanse at night to ensure that all the dirt, oil and dead skin is properly removed. Another top tip is to make sure you are moisturising your skin! This may sound simple but it is common for people with oily skin not to moisturise as they assume this will make their skin greasier! In fact, you are drying out your skin even more by doing so and if your skin is dehydrated this can overproduce oil. By using a light moisturiser, and I recommend a gel water-like texture, this will help to rebalance moisture levels and oil production.


Rebecca x

Next week, I’ll be discussing ways to treat Dry Skin.