How to Tackle the Seasonal Transition

Can you believe that we’re at that time of year again?

The leaves are beginning to show signs of the gorgeous and golden hues of autumn and the temperatures are taking a dip. Saying goodbye to summer can be a challenge as the colder climate often plays havoc with not only our overall health but our skin too.

With fluctuating temperatures, our bodies are working hard to maintain their status quo, meaning that we’re more likely to be hit with flu season, allergies and dull, dry skin. With this in mind, here are our top tips for giving your body some extra TLC so that we can keep well in the seasonal transition and all winter long.

  • Vitamin D

The sun may be hanging up its hat for a little while but that doesn’t mean that our intake of vitamin D needs to reduce. We are all guilty of preferring a cosy day in rather than embracing the winter rays, so adding a Vitamin D supplement to our daily routine is often a good idea come October. Not only does a Vitamin D supplement provide support to your immune system it can boost your mood, helping to combat the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).


  • Rethink your Skincare
    Now is the time when your skincare should focus on renewing and recovering. Sun damage from a hot summer can mean that the transition causes our skin to go in to shock. The cleansing process is extremely important to combat this. We recommend using an oil-based cleanser rather than water or wipes to prevent excessive over-stripping of the skin. Abrasive exfoliants and cleansers that require additional scrubbing are a ‘no no’ while our skin is recovering. Remember, keeping skin healthy is a 24-hour job, so make sure you focus on your morning and evening routine equally.


  • Seasonal Foods
    I don’t know about you, but Autumn/Winter foods are my favourite. We are lucky to have such a diverse amount of seasonal produce so we really should be making the most of it and soaking up their nutrients! Broccoli, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Squash and dark leafy greens are all in season at the moment and are great choices for a hearty meal.



  • Lip Care
    With our lips being constantly exposed to the colder weather, chapped lifts are often the first noticeable signs that winter is taking its toll on our skin. Our lips have no sebaceous (oil) glands, meaning that there is no way to replace their moisture, once stripped by winter weather. Therefore, we need to be giving our lips extra attention as early as possible in the season. Using a gentle sugar scrub and a coat of balm of oil is usually enough to keep a nourished pout.


And, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful season!

Rebecca x