July Treatment Focus – 25% Discount Modern Alchemy Treatment

Modern Alchemy draws inspiration from ancient global traditions and a shared longing for deeper connections—to ourselves, to others, and to the natural world. By merging ancestral wisdom, sacred rituals, and revered ingredients with powerful actives and harmonizing therapies, we create transformative results that are truly precious.

Influenced by the power and symbolism of the full moon, this deep meditative journey is defined by the fluid circularity of its massage movements. You will then be able to choose between our two 90 minute ESPA Modern Alchemy treatments; The Modern Alchemy Harmonising Ritual or The Modern Alchemy Empowering Ritual. 

These treatments are only available at a limited number of spas in the UK so take this unique opportunity to go on a journey of self-care and indulge yourself in some luxurious relaxation.


July Treatment Focus – 90 minute Modern Alchemy Experience for £106.50

 Contact the Spa Reception Team on 01638 676130 to book this experience today.