Mindful Spa Day

Re-align your body and mind

This brand new Spa Day has been specifically created to achieve complete calmness. Relax and indulge in a luxurious and peaceful setting so that you can fully switch off from the everyday stresses of life.

Start your stay off with a delicious smoothie or herbal tea before entering our 5 bubble rated spa. You will be able to relax and unwind whilst you indulge in five different water experiences including the spacious mezzanine hydrotherapy pool, modern steam room and sauna and rooftop hot tub.

Let your body and mind relax into complete calmness as you experience a luxury ESPA Mindful Treatment. You will have the choice between a Mindful Facial or a Mindful Massage, both using our luxury ESPA range. This treatment will let your busy mind relax and escape the fast pace of everyday life. You will emerge feeling focused, with a sense of renewed positivity.

Included in this Spa Day is also a deeply calming Dry Floatation treatment. Often described as ‘physical dreaming’, dry floatation mimics the feeling of effortlessly floating in water, and will leave you feeling completely Zen. Simulating complete zero-gravity this treatment will allow the body to experience complete weightlessness and encourages the mind and body to drift away into a transcendent state. Perfect for inducing deep relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

Package Includes:

Herbal Tea or Smoothie on arrival

Use of the Hydrotherapy and Heat experiences

A mindful Facial or Mindful Massage (1hr 20min)

30 minute Dry flotation experience

Price Per Person £170

Please note: there is an additional £20pp supplement applied to this Spa Day when booked on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.