COVID-19 – Our Precautions and Preparations for You

Our Commitment to you

Our Approach

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa has in recent years been synonymous with exemplary standards of service, housekeeping and health & safety.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have enhanced our exacting standards to a new level across all aspects of our hotel operations.

We have carried out extensive Risk Assessments for you and our staff, for each and every department in the Hotel & Spa.

I can assure you that each member of our team, has gone through extensive training to ensure we are well versed on the protocols of managing each aspect of this ‘new norm’.

The changes we have implemented are based on the guidance we have received from HM Government, Public Health England and the National Health Service, supported by industry specific advice from UK Hospitality.

We can confirm that we have complied with the government’s ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. Due to the constantly changing nature of this guidance and advice, our internal operating practices and protocols will be continuously reviewed and immediately updated. The information detailed below may therefore change without notice.

As we are managing a Public Health issue, we expect the full support and co-operation of all our stakeholders – our guests, our team and all our Suppliers. Only through our collective efforts can we successfully combat the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe and healthy.

We will be adopting a Credit Card only environment throughout the whole Hotel and Spa. We will not be accepting cash at any time, unless by prior arrangement.

Our credit card terminals all have anti-bacterial covers on for your safety and will be sanitized after every use.

General Practices & Protocols, Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection Policies

Our Team

  • All Team members will be required to sign a declaration of wellbeing each week to confirm they are fit to work.
  • Temperature checks will be taken daily.
  • All team members will be required to wash their hands (or use hand sanitiser) every hour, at the very least.
  • All team members will be required to stay at home if unwell
  • All team members will be required to follow official guidance on self-isolating
  • All team members will be required to wear PPE as appropriate
  • The team will follow a policy of no physical contact and maintain social distancing, wherever possible

You, Our Valued Guests

  • If you are staying at the Hotel, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire upon arrival.
  • Upon check in, you will be handed your room key, which will have been sanitised in advance.
  • Every resident staying with us will receive their sanitised Key card in its own holder, and there will be a complimentary mask in your bedroom, should you wish to use one at any time. You are required to wear a face covering at all times in public area’s of the hotel.
  • You will be asked to carry your own luggage from your car yourself and make your way to the hotel entrance and your room. This is for your safety as well as ours.
  • Please respect the social distancing measures that we have put in place, around the Hotel.
  • We have cleaned your bedroom with extra care and sanitised it using an electrostatic sprayer
  • We have removed non-essential items to minimise any contamination risk
  • As you would expect, we have placed toiletries in your bathroom, please feel free to take any away that are partly used as they will be disposed of when you depart
  • Whenever possible, please use your bedroom toilet rather than toilets in public areas
  • Please wash your hands when returning to your bedroom for your own safety
  • As always, should you need anything during your stay, please call us to communicate with our team.
  • Cash will not be accepted, unless arranged by prior agreement, credit card details will be required prior to arrival to ensure contactless payment
  • Due to the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, some of our services and facilities are unfortunately limited or not available
  • The Operations Manager is responsible for all aspects of our ‘COVID-19 Secure’ operating plan. You can contact the Duty Manager at any time prior to, and during your stay, should you have concerns related to this or any other matter
  • Prior to departure, your final account bill will be placed under your door, so that we can check you out without contact at reception. This of course is subject to you being happy with your bill. Any queries can be dealt with over the phone if preferred. We can then send a copy to your preferred email address.

Our Hotel

  • The highest food safety standards will continue to be maintained
  • Room service will be provided at no extra cost, service is restricted to delivery to the bedroom door, please do not be offended when we knock and stand back for you to receive your tray.
  • Social distancing measures will be in place in all public areas
  • A one-way system throughout the hotel will be implemented where possible, please observe the floor signs, and where possible, respect fellow guests who are coming your way.
  • Lifts will only be available for use of one guest at a time, unless both guests are sharing a room.
  • Signage will be displayed in all public areas to reinforce social distancing
  • You will notice an enhanced and visible cleaning programme in public areas with an increased frequency in disinfection of high touch areas
  • Hand sanitising stations are provided in all areas of the hotel, please use these regularly for all our benefits.
  • Your room will not be serviced during your stay to reduce contacts and maximise your safety. Housekeeping will be available on request only; our guests will be required to vacate the room and ventilate prior to housekeeping staff entering. Should you require any extra amenities or towels etc. at any time, please contact Reception, who will arrange this for you immediately.
  • Additional disinfection will be in place of high touch room and bathroom areas (Doorknobs, Light switches, all surfaces, Telephones and TV Remote controls).
  • The Duty Manager is responsible for all staff and guest COVID-19 related queries.
  • We have flexible terms and conditions for all individual bookings whereby you can cancel 24 hours prior to arrival for a full refund. For Racing and Horse Sales dates, the normal cancellation terms apply, being seven days in advance. For group and event bookings please speak directly to the hotel, our terms remain the same

Our Suppliers and Contractors

  • We will be receiving visitors and contractors at the Hotel by appointment in advance only
  • You will be asked to complete a pre arrival health questionnaire and return it 24 hours prior to arrival
  • Your temperature will be taken at the hotel entrance and if your temperature is 38 degrees or above you will be refused entry
  • Deliveries will only be received at the door (Spa rear door, Kitchen rear door – under the canopy, Main Hotel entrance); suppliers may not enter the premises unless they have an appointment
  • Access to back of house areas is restricted to staff only. No guest, contractor or supplier may have use of staff or ‘Back of House’ welfare facilities at any time.

General Practices & Protocols, Food & Beverage

  • We have reduced the number of tables in our Restaurant and Bar and expanded our outdoor dining areas.
  • We will limit table linens and have established strict table/chair sanitisation procedures between guest seating periods
  • We have suspended all buffets. Breakfast will be available from an a la carte menu in the restaurant or served in your room.
  • There will be more ‘to go’ options in our food and beverage areas.
  • We have produced a unique QR code, readable via your camera on your phone. All non-Residents will be required to give us their contact details, Name, contact telephone number and email address via this QR Code, it takes thirty seconds. This is essential in the ‘Track and Trace’ process. We promise not to share this information and to destroy it after 21 days have passed
  • On booking a table in our Restaurant, you will be asked to pay a deposit per person wishing to dine. This is to secure your table with us. Please do not take offence, the same request will be asked of every guest.
  • Salt and pepper shakers and Grinders will be removed and available on request. They will be sanitized after each use
  • We will not accept cash payments unless arranged by prior agreement
  • Room service will be provided at no extra cost, service is restricted to delivery to the bedroom door.
  • Single use menus will be in place across all areas, each of which will be destroyed after you have made use of them.

General Practices & Protocols, The Spa, Guest Experience & Activities


  • On opening, the spa will be available to pre-booked guests only
  • All guests will be given a specific arrival and departure time, which must be adhered to, failure to arrive on time, may result in your appointment being cancelled.
  • Only two households will be allowed per group booking, with a maximum of four guests per group.
  • All guests are requested to bring minimal belongings to the Spa with them, as storage may well be limited.
  • Hairdryers will not be available for use, and you may not bring your personal hairdryer into the Spa with you.
  • The Hydrotherapy pool, Relaxation room, our main lounge, all treatment rooms and changing rooms will be disinfected on a regular basis
  • Hand sanitiser will always be available for all our guests and will be in all areas of the Spa.
  • Signage will be in place to ensure social distancing is followed
  • In spa treatment rooms, all surfaces and fixtures will be disinfected between each client and at the start and end of each day, to ensure both yours and our safety.
  • Spot mop cleaning and disinfection will be performed on spills when they occur
  • Treatment rooms will be allocated per therapist and electrostatic sanitisation of all common areas and treatment rooms will take place every 21 days and the same product will be used regularly each day to clean all ‘touch points’
  • We will only offer bottled water, which will be available in your locker upon arrival. We will also have more bottles available, upon requested.
  • Sadly, we must remove all reading material.
  • Dependant on whether you are coming for a Spa Day or Break you will be given a towel, slippers and robe when you check into the spa, as always. Should you require a change of towelling, please do ask one of our staff.
  • If you are staying on a Spa break, we would encourage you to contact our Leisure Club from your Hotel bedroom, who will arrange to transport you to the Spa, and to take you back to the Leisure Reception, for you to return to your Hotel bedroom as safe as possible.
  • The Sauna and Steam rooms will not be available for the time being, in line with current Government guidance and advice.
  • Full payment for all Spa Days, Spa Breaks and Treatments will be taken in advance at the time of booking. Any purchases that are made on the day of your visit, will be payable on departure by Credit Card only. Cash will not be acceptable at any time.

Health & Fitness Club

  • All areas will be disinfected on a regular basis.
  • All equipment and areas will be electrostatic sanitised every 21 days, and the same product will be used regularly each day to clean all ‘touch points’
  • Hand sanitising stations will be in place in the main entrance and around the Gym.
  • All members and guests will be asked to sanitise each piece of Gym equipment after each use.
  • There will be a member of staff stationed in the gym to help and guide members and guests through all aspects of sanitisation. Please respect their requests, when made.
  • Signage will be in place to ensure social distancing is followed
  • Spot mop cleaning and disinfection will be performed on spills when they occur
  • Work out mats will be removed; members and guests will be expected to provide their own
  • Fitness Class sizes will be reduced in number sizes, once they are re-introduced to the Club.
  • The Sauna, Solarium and Steam rooms will not be available for the time being in line with current government guidelines
  • There will be a time limit on use of all aspects of the Club, members and guests may go online to our booking application to reserve their time slot.
  • We will not be accepting Day Guests or Day Passes for the foreseeable future.

Meetings & Conferences

  • When allowed, in line with Government guidelines, meeting rooms will have socially distanced restrictions, which includes number of attendees.
  • Buffets will no longer be available, but plated menus will be made available in advance.
  • Refreshments will be served as before, specific to your requirements.
  • You can be assured that all relevant equipment used, has been sanitized and cleaned for your use, both before and after each meeting.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every meeting area.

Guest Services

  • The guest laundry service will be suspended until further notice
  • Our check in and out procedure will have limited contact with team members – full details to be confirmed
  • When using hotel transport all team members and guests will be required to wear a face covering.
  • We will no longer be supplying magazines, as well as any Hotel promotional materials in public areas.

Our team’s commitment to you

  • All team members are required to: –
    • Stay at home when feeling unwell.
    • Practice good personal hygiene including regular hand washing and sanitizing.
    • Maintain social distance where possible.
    • Wear PPE where appropriate.
    • Follow the company’s COVID-19 Secure operating procedures.
  • We have changed most of our on-property team meetings to virtual meetings
  • We have staggered our team’s shifts and days of service and have reduced the total staff count by promoting work from home for those whose roles allow for it
  • Implemented a standard whereby our teams will not be assigned to complete any tasks with more than two team members assigned unless they are working outside
  • Our team have and will receive ongoing training
  • Our team have new “no contact” protocols – including handshakes.
  • We will be sure to continue to give you our normal Red Star service, for which we have become known for. Ensuring you have a happy and comfortable experience here at the hotel is what we strive for.

Finally, we ask that as a resident at Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa you commit to:

Completing your Guest Health Questionnaire 24 hours in advance of your arrival here at the hotel. If we do not receive this back in advance of your stay, you may be refused entry.

If in the unfortunate case, you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell, we ask that you contact us, and allow us to reschedule your stay.

It is important to note, that for the safety of our guests and the safety of our team, that any guests displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be requested to seek medical attention. Should you be advised to self-isolate, we will request that you check out immediately and return home. You will be refunded the balance of your stay.

We ask that when and where appropriate, that you make use of the hand sanitiser stations that are available around the Hotel and Spa. We ask that everyone respects the 1m+ social distancing guidance, not because we do not care about you…but because we do! Where possible, we would recommend 2-meter social distancing.

And finally, please treat our team and your fellow guests with kindness and respect; this is a difficult time for all of us.

We cannot wait to see you soon. Travel safe and stay well.


Noel Byrne

Chief Executive

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa

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